*Vertical Pianos*

BALDWIN Monarch 41' Console, Action has like new set of hammers and regulated to Baldwin specifications. Damp-Chaser and H-2 Climate Sentry already installed, and will help ensure tuning stability, as well as protection of the soundboard. In very fine condition.     $1,475.00

KAWAI NS10 49" Upright 1984 polished ebony, in beautiful condition. Very responsive action. New upholstered bench, warranty, and delivery included. $3,275.00

Baldwin Acrosonic Console 1951 Classic mahogany, in very excellent condition. Finish as new. With upholstered bench     $1,975.00

STEINWAY French Provincial 1962 Medium brown-red walnut 44" console. Beautiful new semi-gloss finish. Matching original bench with newly upholstered top. Steinways patented accelerated action and diaphragmatic soundboard give it a wonderful tone and "feel". Top notch condition.    $6,750.00

YAMAHA U-2 Professional Upright (50") 1975 In sparkling shape inside and out. No wear and tear at all to the action and case. All components such as soundboard and bridges are as new. The finish is ebony (black) high gloss, and matching bench has a padded upholstered top. Bell like treble and very resonant bass and mid-range give this instrument a lot of tone color (quality).    $3,895.00

Kimball 42" cabinet console (1942)  Butterfly (book-match) walnut veneer were "choice" pieces, beautifully refinished satin walnut, with original matching duet size bench. New satin ivorine keytops. Nice action, regulated to specs.    $2,975.00

Schulze Pollmann 126-P6-50" High gloss peacock walnut w/contracting golds and browns - very elegant. (NEW) Made in northern Italy, an absolutely beautiful instrument. The Renner action has exceptionally fine touch response, and the soundboard is made of superior fir wood from the best production areas of the Val di Fiemme forests. Marvelous design- the result of careful studies- remarkable blend of tradition, technology, and elegence. Includes matching artist bench.       $9,475.00

*Grand Pianos*

ADAM SCHAFF 5ft Queen Anne art case grand (1923) The flame walnut veneer and hand carved pieces used in the making of this piano were "choice" pieces, meticulously fitted to create a showpiece instrument. The lyre is even hand-carved to look just like real lyre from the Renaissance period. The case veneer was laid on vertically instead of the traditional horizontally as can be seen in several of the pictures. The new brown-red satin glaze finish really does look beautiful on this piano. New hammers,action parts, strings, pinblock, satin ivorine key tops, as well as the newly refinished soundboard plate and bridges have restored this wonderful instrument to its finest possible quality....ready to begin its' new life. The original bench also has the matching quad book match veneer work. Hand crafted pianos are rarely found today, and the Adam Schaff is a fine example indeed.    $12,500.00

Schulze Pollmann 126-P6 High Gloss Peacock Cherry, Very Elegant- (NEW) Made in northern Italy, an absolutely beautiful instrument. The Renner action has exceptionally fine touch response, and the soundboard is made of superior fir wood from the best production areas of the Val di Fiemme forests. Marvelous design- the result of careful studies- remarkable blend of tradition, technology, and elegence. Includes matching artist bench.

Baldwin Queen Anne  beautiful cherry, 44" (1998) with matching bench. No wear and tear. Show room new inside and out.

SCHUMANN 45" studio High gloss cherry finish. Just 8 years old, as new inside and out. Softer tone colors (not extremely bright sound). Includes matching bench

YAMAHA U-1 48" Professional upright polished ebony-1981- as new. Beautiful tone quality w/accelterated action. Sparkling shape inside and out. In exceptionally fine condition. Wonderful piano for a beginner or advanced player. Matching bench included.

STEINWAY studio 48" walnut (1894)  Beautifully refinished and restored. New bass strings, nickel tuning pins, action regulation, nickel plating (pedals), set of double rubber-wheel casters and sockets. Includes new hand-carved period bench to match.

YAMAHA 44" studio-size (1961) walnut as new inside and out. Very excellent practice instrument for an artist or student. No wear and tear. Clean set of hammers, tuning pins, strings, etc

Yamaha U-1 48" professional upright (1975)The complete package in a vertical studio-size piano, polished ebony in as new condition inside and out. Including matching bench.

KIMBALL Console - 42" medium walnut (1983)   As new condition inside and out. Very nice furniture, as well as a fine practice or beginner piano. Includes upholstered duet-size bench.

YAMAHA 42" Console 1981  Medium walnut, in sparkling condition - action, case, and finish all as new. Nice feel and tone quality. Excellent beginner or practice piano. w/matching bench

Steinway "M" grand (1919) Beautiful cordovan mahogany. No-pour hand-rubbed satin finish. All nickel hardware (hinges, pedals, etc.) newly nickel plated. Professionally rebuilt and refinished. Soundboard and bridges in excellent condition - refinished also. Plate refinished w/ Steinways' own gold. New hammers, shanks and flanges, strings, and damper felt including complete action regulation to Steinway specs. New satin ivorite key tops which have the feel (and look) of true ivory. Original duet-size bench, also refinished to match.

YAMAHA G1 (5'3") Satin Ebony - 1989  no wear and tear. Action, finish, soundboard, and all components AS NEW. A "Gem" for a living room size grand, for a fraction of the cost if new (actually); w/matching duet-size upholstered bench.

BALDWIN "A" 5ft.6in. grand (1926) Beautifully refinished and rebuilt. Satin hand-rubbed brown/red mahogany. New pinblock, strings, nickel tuning pins, action parts (incl. hammers, shanks & flanges, key bushings, and complete regulation to Baldwin specifications), damper felt, all brass hardware buffed & polished. Includes matching duet-size bench. Very fine instrument with its' whole (new) life ahead of it.

Mason & Hamlin "B" (1961) Ebony with nickel hardware, in beautiful condition. Rebuilt and refinished hand-rubbed satin ebony. New set of satin ivorine keytops, new strings and nickel tuning pins, nameboard and understring felt, and action regulated to Mason & Hamlin specifications. Its' tone quality speaks for itself. Original matching bench, also refinished, w/ beautiful upholstered top included.

Mason & Hamlin AA 6'2" (1913) semi-gloss walnut, new set Abel hammers, action parts, dampers,strings and tuning pins. All brass hardware buffed and polished, milk-white ivory keyboard. Original finish polished out and appears near flawless. Soundboard and bridges refinished, reguilded plate and polished alequates. Remarkable artist quality instrument with original bench.    

Mason & Hamlin A 5'8" (1930)Boston made Mason w/the Gertz tension resonator. Action restored, new set satin ivorine keytops. Exquisite tone clarity and touch response. w/matching duet-size bench

Yamaha C-5 6'6" Grand Polished Ebony (1981) Action and finish as new. Very responsive with smooth transition throughout entire scale, bell-like treble, 3 pedal.

BALDWIN "M" 5'2" Grand, Satin Ebony (1982)
in fine condition. Well maintained and in climate controlled environment since new. Nice clean action, regulated to Baldwin specs. This piano is very nicely voiced and has rich tone colors throughout all registers. Finish appearance very good with only a few minor surface scratches. Includes matching bench.

SOHMER 5'10" grand (1922)  cordovan mahogany, beautifully refinished and rebuilt to as new. New pinblock, Abel hammers (Germany), strings, nickel tuning pins, dampers, satin ivorine key covers, etc. The Sohmer was considered one of Steinways leading competitors in this "golden era" of piano builders, and this instrument has its' whole new life ahead of it. Includes matching duet size bench.

BALDWIN "L" 6'3" Medium Walnut (1979) Beautiful high figurative grain. Restrung with new bass strings, piano wire, nickel tuning pins and delignit pinblock. Action regulated to Baldwin specifications. Matching duet size bench also excellent condition.

SOHMER Console - (1973) sunburst walnut, beautiful case design, excellent shape. Very clean, nice looking instrument w/matching bench:

YAMAHA 45" studio (1971) Medium satin walnut, continental design, action, keys, and case. The action has very little playing time on it , is regulated to specs, and is very clean. The finish is remarkably as new. Tone quality is all you would expect from a P-2 Yamaha. Original matching bench included.

Petrof 48" professional upright-polished ebony (1988) as new inside and out. This instrument has remarkable bass response and a warm tone thru-out all the registers. Includes new matching bench.    

Mason & Hamlin "A", 5'8" grand(1924)gloss ebony- rebuilt with new soundboard, bridges, strings, hammers, action parts, and satin ivorine key covers. This instrument is in very excellent condition inside and although the finish is not in perfect shape, it's not too bad and could be refinished, if you like later.

Mason & Hamlin "B" Grand (1953)rebuilt and refinished medium cordovan mahogany.

Mason & Hamlin "A", 5'8" grand(1972) walnut- Partially rebuilt with new strings and tuning pins, satin ivorine keytops and action parts. In beautiful condition inside and out. Original Mason & Hamlin bench includes newly upholstered bench top. Periodic tuning is all that will be required in the way of service to this fine hand crafted piano.

BOARDMAN & GRAY 6 ft. Satin Ebony 1926 rebuilt and refinished. New pinblock, strings, keytops, dampers, and complete action regulation. Nice sounding instrument with a beautiful soft black finish and polished brass hardware. Includes matching bench w/upholstered top.

Sohmer 42" Queen Anne console (1966) cherry- well taken care of and in beautiful condition- very good action "feel.

Kimball 42" french provincal console (1979)walnut- very well maintained and in very good condition.

Chickering Console, 42" (1982) walnut in very fine condition. No wear and tear. Action is as new and regulated to specifications. Lid props from end to end-similar to a grand piano lid.




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