Completely Restored 1924 Packard
 5'6" Grand Piano

  • Make: Packard
  • Model 5' 6" Grand
  • SERIAL NUMBER: 133009
  • Age: 82
  • Size: 56"
  • Last Tuned: 6 years
  • Asking Price: $7,500
  • Location: Chicago, Il


PACKARD Established 1871

Instruments of the highest grade and of extensive sale abroad as well as at home, manufactured by The Packard Piano Co., Ft. Wayne. Ind. The product of a model industry in which the cooperative stem of labor is brought to the point of perfection. Principle of The Packard Piano Co. finds expression in the maxim that "if there is no harmony in the factory, there will be none in the piano." The workings of the Packard factory at Ft. Wayne, Ind., present an ideal example of harmonious industry. Every worker is loyal to the Packard and puts into it the best results of his skill and effort.

The Packard piano has been before the musical world for years, and has attained a foremost place as a reliable instrument of most artistic qualities. It has won high endorsements from many famous musicians, and has met the requirements of all buyers. The output of these instruments has greatly increased each year and the factory facilities have been enlarged until today the Ft. Wayne industry is one of the largest in the country. The Packard Interpreter player-piano (grand, upright and reproducing styles) presents the same artistic characteristics as the Packard piano, and the best proof of merit is its steady growth and the high esteem in which it is held by those who have used it and are most intimately acquainted with it. Both upright and grand pianos are made; and in tone, construction, style and artistic features they are strictly of a high grade. They are the product of an ambitious house of the highest responsibility. In all that makes an artistic instrument of the highest grade the Packard is recommended.


Asking Price $7,500.00


Normal wear and tear scratches/nicks human factors. This instrument is maintained in a climate controlled residential environment. No repairs needed.

  • Type: Baby Grand
  • Finish: Mahogany
  • Style: Traditional
  • Comments: Completely restored Packard Baby Grand, circa 1924. Hand rubbed mahogany, all new pin block, hammers, dampers, strings and felts. Re-keyed with new whites and new pedal assembly. Packard was considered a fine piano company and was founded in 1871 in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Later sold in 1957 to Story & Clark. Shipping to be paid for and arranged by the buyer.
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