E Book of Pianos






Manufactured by the Jacob Bros. Co., In the large piano manufacturing plant New York City. The Jacob Bros. Co. is one of the most progressive and Successful concerns in the piano industry. They have several retail stores in the city of New York and in other important cities of the east. Their wholesale trade is very large and substantial. Jacob Brothers pianos and player-pianos are durable instruments, their finish being exceptionally fine and the tone quality satisfying. They received an award at the World Columbian Exposition, in 1893, and have been the recipients of many encomiums from the music trade and public. Jacob Brothers have large financial interests in other noted makes of pianos, and also a controlling interest in one of the finest equipped piano case factories in this country; they have recently acquired an action factory of old established reputation, and altogether have taken a prominent position in the piano industry.



An old, honorable and valued name in the American piano industry. The James & Holmstrom instruments have long been noted for their excellence of material, durability and tine tone qualities, one valuable feature in the construction of these pianos being the transposing keyboard. The small grands that bear this name have attracted widespread attention among critics in the musical worth by reason of their unusual excellence. The James & Holmstrom factory comprises commodious quarters at Alexander Ave. and l33rd St., New York, devoted exclusively to the manufacture of these fine instruments. The reproducing and player-pianos of this make are equally admirable in every particular.



One of the conservative, reputable piano manufacturing companies in New York, owned exclusively by Janssen Piano Co., Inc. Manufactures uprights, miniature grands, player pianos and player grands, also reproducing and expression player pianos.

One of the most respected names , among manufacturer of keyboard instruments in America today, and one of tile few remaining companies in the industry still controlled and actively directed by the descendants of the founding family. The Janssen family owned and operated one of the largest and best equipped piano manufacturing plants in New York City, where skilled artisans perpetuate a tradition of more than 100 years of dedication to the highest standards of quality piano construction. The company's steadfast insistence on integrity of craftsmanship and superiority of materials has earned for its products a truly distinctive reputation, not only with other manufacturers, hut with America's foremost piano dealers and the music loving public everywhere.

Although the Janssen piano has gained a broad acceptance among schools, musical institutions, and teachers of music, it has become widely known as "The Home Piano of America" because of the many exclusive features and qualities that make it the ideal instrument for use and enjoyment in the home, the traditional cradle of musical appreciation and learning. The superiority of the Janssen piano was the result of the company's continued policy of product research and refinement, and few companies in the industry can point to such an impressive record of successful improvements in design, materials, beauty of tone, mechanical excellence, and the efficiency and exactness of manufacturing procedures. Proud owners of Janssen pianos throughout the United States and in many foreign lands as well are reaping the benefits of this policy of product improvement and development, for no other piano has so much lasting value built into it, and no piano, regardless of price, has all the exclusive features found in a Janssen. The Janssen Console line of quality leaders in the fine piano field are found many of the exclusive features that make the purchase of a Janssen such a sound investment. One of them, the built-in Music Desk Light, has been proclaimed as one of the most beneficial improvements in the history of piano manufacturing. The soft illumination of this fluorescent light, directly below the music, makes other room lights unnecessary and is a priceless safeguard of good eyesight for children and adults alike. The light also effectively combats dampness:, the greatest enemy of a piano's delicate inner mechanism.

The remarkable strength and durability of grand piano construction is achieved in Janssen's exclusive four-section cast iron plate, which guarantees longer instrument life and greater tone quality. This is but another of the numerous quality features that make the Janssen the superlative instrument that it is and assure the purchaser of a lifetime of pleasure and satisfaction. Other fine and desirable Janssen Mignon features include beautiful hand-rubbed lacquer finishes, truly authentic period styles, responsive Direct-Blow Action, solid Sitka Spruce sounding boards, sturdy six-post backs, three functional pedals, including bass sustaining, reinforced moth-proof hammers, Maple tuning pin bushings, and the most rigid pin-block construction possible, through Hard-Rock Maple laminations and nickel-plated pin-block locks.

It was not only the intrinsic quality of Janssen piano construction that kept the Janssen name in the forefront of the industry, but also the success of the company's engineering imagination. The Janssen Spinet, for instance, is the smallest full-keyboard spinet piano in the world with standard Direct-Blow Action, and represented one of the truly great piano values on the market .

The Janssen Chord Piano was another much-publicized invention born of the inspiration and know-how of Janssen technicians, that by an integral system of diminutive colored lights, enabled anyone, regardless of age, to sit down and have fun at the piano without ever having had a lesson.

The best understanding of the continued excellence of the Janssen Piano can be found in the words of the famous Janassen Creed, which was written many years ago by the founder and summarizes the principles that govern the company today:

"This is my creed and on it I have built my Piano and Reputation! To give you as nearly as possib!e a dollar's value for every dollar you give me. To treat you as I want to be Justly. Since you may possibly know little or nothing about the material or craftsmanship that goes into the piano you bought, you must naturally rely on me. I want you to do that-and I promise that your confidence shall not be misplaced. Following this creed for a life time , has earned a Janassen reputation, that my product and methods must; maintain. I want to be right and do right. If I fail in any one thing, it will never be because I wanted to."



These attractive and sweet toned pianos are the products of The Jesse French & Sons Piano Co., of New Castle, Indiana. They are met with favor with a class of music lovers who want reliable instruments for family or home use. The Jefferson piano is durable in construction, and it is fully sustained by the company's guarantee. In September 1919 Mr. Johnson organized the Henry G. Johnson Piano Mfg. Co., secured the factory at Bellevue, Iowa, which has been in operation for very many years, and commenced the manufacture of Henry G. Johnson player-pianos exclusively. The Henry G. Johnson instruments have won success by their sterling merits. They are more and more in demand as the trade and public become familiar with their desirable qualities, and the fact that the factory has been enlarged by an addition 400 feet long by 80 feet wide speaks in positive terms of the progress which has been made, and this condition augurs well for the future.



Jewett pianos have been made in New England continuously for more than sixty years and sold throughout the United States and abroad. Used and endorsed by famous musicians, Jewett pianos are famed for their thoroughness of construction, fullness of tone and exceptional ability for standing in tune under changing conditions. Factory, Leominster, Mass.



The name of the president of the E. P. Johnson Piano Co., of Elgin and Ottawa, Ill. Mr. Johnson is a thoroughly skilled and experienced piano maker, having designed and built some of the famous instruments besides those of its own industry, which is one of the most flourishing. The E. P. Johnson pianos and player-pianos are in every way distinguished by quality and up to date characteristics. E. P. Johnson pianos are dependable in every respect, and they are favorites with many of the foremost dealers.



One of the three pianos made by the Heppe Piano Co., of Philadelphia and New York. This piano is equipped with Three Sounding Boards (patented) instead of the usual one. And is on sale by C. J. Heppe & Son, Philadelphia. (Established 1865.)