Bob Furst

To realize the value and importance of this book, one must take a short look at the author. Bob Furst has  dedicated more than fifty years to the piano industry. He has worked a lifetime in the keyboard field as a manufacturers’ representative, as a sales consultant, and as a salesman.

Bob never does any project halfheartedly into any project, whether it be building a brick patio or writing a book all about pianos! When you consider the number of pianos sold each year and also the number of manufacturing companies building pianos, you will realize all the effort that went into the writing of this book.

Few people have the knowledge and expertise about the making and buying of pianos than Bob Furst. He has written this book so that the average person can read it and intelligently learn all about pianos. Every question about pianos including a rating system is answered in this book.

The author has taught me more about selling techniques and merchandising than anyone, and in the thirty five years I have known him, he has remained a good friend.

James D. Humble Sr. CEO
Reprise Entertainment
Las Vegas Talent Agency


Bob Furst, Author and Editor
The "Bluebook of Pianos"
The "Piano Consumer Information Guide"
The Piano Times Newspaper Creator - 10 Million Copies in Print
"The Piano Book" Published in 1973
The Piano Buyers & Sellers Guide
"Everything you want to Know about Pianos"
The Architect and Founder of "The National Piano Institute"
Creator of The National Piano Institute Marketing Services.
Major University & College Sale & Marketing Developer
Multimedia Development - Institutional Specialist
"On The Road Again" Planning Road Shows.
Piano Salesman and Author of
"Selling to Your Full Potential"
"The Formula Approach To System Selling"
Sales and Marketing Management Magazine - Marketing Maestro
Over 55 Years of actual piano buying and selling experience, both Wholesale and Retail.
Marketing Consultant to many Piano Factories including Steinway, Baldwin, Kawai, Yamaha and others.
There really is no substitute for experience.