310 Series - 37" height; 57" width; 24" depth


337 lbs.

T o n e  Q u a l i t y
Scale Design

The term "scale" means the sum total of all elements that affect musical performance. Ellington tone is richer because of the larger scale design found in all Ellington pianos. Ellington scale designs permit the use of the largest possible soundboard with the longest possible bass strings.


Every Ellington hammer is accurately shaped and weighted to deliver an exact, solid blow for a clear, full tone. These exclusive hammers are made of mothproofed 100% virgin wool and are secured to the select hardwood moldings with a waterproof glue to minimize the effects of humidity.


Ellington strings have speaking lengths (the portion that vibrates when struck) longer than those found in most pianos of a similar size. String length combined with the larger soundboard of Ellington pianos results in superior tone. Bass strings are made of high-grade tempered steel with solid copper windings.


A unique pentagonal-shaped soundboard results in additional vibrating area and adds dramatically to the tonal quality, volume and response of a Ellington piano. This high-fidelity soundboard is scientifically crowned to provide the exact amount of tension. The specially designed ribs are tapered to provide optimum harmonic balance as well as to maintain the board's structural integrity.


Both treble and bass bridges are precision-notched and made of thoroughly seasoned, hard rock maple. The cantilevered construction of the bass bridge permits the use of longer bass strings while directing vibrations nearer to the center of the soundboard, producing increased depth for the lower bass tones. The Ellington console models have an exclusive Calibrated Element on the treble bridge which directs and spreads the energy of the vibrating strings to achieve maximum resonance from the soundboard.

T o u c h  &  R e s p o n s e

Consisting of many moving parts, a piano's action begins where your finger depresses a key and ends where the hammer hits the string. Precision-crafted Ellington action components are manufactured to tolerances of + .001 of an inch in critical areas. The result is a piano that responds immediately to the touch and offers a wide dynamic range.


Ellington keys are made of select basswood. All natural (white) keys are covered with a durable synthetic material that resists chipping. All corners are rounded and polished for quality you can feel with the touch of a finger. All sharp (black) keys are capped with solid phenolic material and perfectly aligned through the use of precision manufacturing techniques.


Three solid brass pedals control softness level, bass sustain and full sustain. Nylon bearings are used to assure "squeakless" pedal operation.

T u n i n g  &  D u r a b i l i t y
Rugged Back

A combination of five full-length hardwood back posts and scientifically placed blocks create 16 different angles of resistance to the 20-ton pull of string tension. Both posts and blocks are thermo-glued, grain against grain, under heat and pressure to resist warping and maintain alignment.


The function of the pinblock is to hold the tuning pins with the proper amount of friction. In Ellington pianos, finely threaded, nickel-blued tuning pins are held correctly in place by five laminations of hard rock maple.

C a b i n e t r y

Styled by award-winning designers, authentic furniture styling and careful attention to detail make Ellington pianos the focal point of more than a million American homes. Both the dimensional characteristics and the materials used are carefully chosen to enhance the piano's sound.

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