How much is your piano really worth?

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In Advance
Buying a New Piano
What's in a Name

New Piano Considerations
Buying a Used Piano for What it It's Worth
What's The Difference in Pianos
Types and Sizes of Pianos
Where to Shop For a Used Piano
Piano Shopper
Free New Piano Price Lists

CHAPTER 1: Your Piano

Grading Old Upright Pianos
Restored Vintage Upright Piano Example
Grand Piano Price Comparisons
Online Piano Appraisals
How to Sell Your Piano
Moving Your Piano

CHAPTER 2: FYI Answers To FAQ as a Matter of Fact

Grades and Feature Differences
Who Makes It Now - Where
Digital Pianos - FAQ and FYI
Consumer Tip Sheets and Rating Systems
More Answers to FAQ

Grand Piano Guide to Steinway and Industry Standard Sizes

CHAPTER 3: Piano Construction and Scale Design

The Frame
The Action
The Hammers
The Strings
The Soundboard

The Pedals
The Cabinet

CHAPTER 4: Piano Tuning

Tuning Your Piano - In Tune Test
Why is my piano so hard to play

Piano Parts and Supplies
Player Piano Parts and Advice

CHAPTER 5: Acoustic Piano prices

Market Segments of Pianos and Prices
Original Prices of Grand Pianos  1984 - 2004
100 Years of Steinway Models & Retail Prices


Evolution of the Piano
A Chronicle of the Piano In America
Conditions: Current U.S. Piano Industry
U.S. Piano Sales Statistics
Ages of Steinway Pianos
Automobile to Piano Consumer Comparison

Glossary of Piano Terms

Certified Piano Appraiser  -  Buy  -  Sell  -  Trade  -  IRS Forms  -  Insurance Claims  -  Courtroom Testimony
Depositions Available  -  Piano Buyer Seminars Nationally