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Piano and player-piano of good quality and reliable construction which have won a popular place in the trade and in the musical world. Made by Faber Piano Co.



1982 - 1001 1985 - 1016 1988 - 1110 1991 - 1414
1983 - 1004 1986 - 1027 1989 - 1201 1992 - 1560
1984 - 1008 1987 - 1047 1990 - 1305 1993 - 1620



These pianos and player- pianos are the products of the Farrand Piano Co. of Holland. Michigan, and they hold a high position for their recognized musical quality, merit and durability of construction, insuring the life of the even singing tone for which they are noted. These famous instruments are recognized for being one of the highest grades and possessing the finest tonal qualities. The manufacturers of the Farrand piano and Farrand Cecilian Licensee Player-Piano are considered among the country's experts in their line and backed by ample resources have been able to produce and maintain a degree of quality that offers the fullest measure of value to the buyer. The name of "Farrand" has been distinguished in the world of musical instrument manufacturers for a half century and the Farrand Piano and Farrand Cecilian Player-Piano is worthy of the favor which the name suggests to piano buyers. With the Farrand Grand which has most beautiful tones. Redundant in power and of exquisite timber, and with the Farrand Reproducing Grands and uprights, the company has a complete line of splendid instruments



Fazer pianos feature Linger keys and actions, a four layer laminated soundboard, and German Roslau steel treble wire strings.

1965 - 4510 1972 - 13705 1979 - 45105 1986 - 87510
1966 - 5810 1973 - 16410 1980 - 55800 1987 - 92510
1967 - 6410 1974 - 19610 1981 - 62000 1988 - 98116
1968 - 7301 1975 - 22305 1982 - 69150 1989 - 105240
1969 - 8005 1976 - 26505 1983 - 73055 1990 - 111644
1970 - 9205 1977 - 31013 1984 - 76050 1992 - 116787
1971 - 10605 1978 - 41520 1985 - 81860 1993 - 121810



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The old New York house of J. & C. Fischer was in existence since 1840 and was located at East Rochester, N.Y. The original factory of J & C Fischer was established in 1840. It being the outgrowth of previous association with other firms engaged in the manufacture of pianos. It is one of the oldest firms having had its inception in New York City, and during its long and honorable career has played a considerable part in the musical development of our country. One of the oldest and most reputable pianos manufactured in the United States and a pioneer in the American Piano Industry. In 1896 the Fischer house celebrated the manufacture of their one hundred thousandth piano. The Fischer is a high grade, standard piano with a fine, pure quality of tone, and notable for the beauty of its case designs as well as artistic musical excellence. J & C Fischer manufactured both grands and uprights, available with the Ampico Player.

The J&C Fischer was later made by the Aeolian - American Corp. One of the oldest and most reputable pianos in the United States. J. C. Fischer succeeded directly to the business of R.& W. Reynolds of New York, one of the pioneer houses in the American piano industry.

The title of J. & C. Fischer was given the firm in 1840. John U. Fischer and Charles S. Fischer came of a most distinguished family of piano makers, their father having gained the coveted honor of being appointed "piano-maker" to Ferdinand I, King of Naples. The original factory of 3. C. Fischer was established in 1840 in St. John's Lane, New York City. The present factories and general offices are in East Rochester, N. Y. This house has taken a prominent part in the development of the piano industry in the United States.

The J&C Fischer was later made by the Aeolian - American Corp.

The J & C Fischer pianos in small grand pianos, consoles and school pianos of professional pianos are celebrated for their fine, pure quality tone, and further distinguished for the beauty of its case designs.  During 1928 world famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed an acoustically correct room specifically for this  magnificent Art Deco piano.  The cabinet and casing were designed to grace this room. Special attention was given to of artistic piano making that even the regular models of this line are noteworthy for their simplicity and grace, and their period models are superb examples of the adaptation of the decorative art of past centuries to the case of a modern piano. A  J & C Fischer makes an excellent investment.

1900 - 115000 1950 - 187000 1969 - 214239 1975 - 219100
1905 - 126700 1960 - 198500 1970 - 215343 1976 - N/A
1910 - 134000 1965 - 207741 1971 - 216700 1977 - N/A
1920 - 145000 1966 - 209319 1972 - 217100 1978 - 219200
1930 - 159000 1967 - 211237 1973 - 217500 1981 - 219300
1940 - 178600 1968 - 212521 1974 - 218200 1982 - 219400



Instruments of good quality, manufactured by the Farny Piano Co., an industry owned by the Rudolph Wurlitzer Co., of Cincinnati, 0H. Factory is at North Tonawanda, N.Y.



The admirable grand pianos and reproducing pianos manufactured by this old industry are notable in several respects. The Florey Bros. make grands exclusively and devote all of their experience, skill and energies to sustaining a reputation won by years of consistent determination to excel. It is claimed, and presumably not disputed, that Florey Bros. were the first to seriously consider the establishing of an exclusive grand piano industry. They began the experiment in 1909 and have developed a substantial and constantly growing business with a fine class of trade. Florey Bros. grands are beautiful instruments of distinctly artistic tone quality and in every way desirable in the esteem of competent critics. They are sold by houses of the highest responsibility and they deserve the success they have won. Florey Bros. is a corporation the officers of which are practical piano builders.



Manufactured in Loebau, East Germany, since 1863. One of the most respected grand pianos in continental Europe. The concert grand with the Forster name is a work of art. Various special construction features help produce the distinctive, well known "Forster Sound."



Foster & Co. manufacture a complete line of pianos and player pianos. This line of instruments is very widely known, and is representative of the best instruments of their grade. Reliably made of excellent materials in very modern factories at East Rochester, N. Y. The Foster pianos during recent years achieved great prominence through the exploitation of the same by some of the most representative piano houses throughout the country. The Foster piano and player-piano of today occupy as enviable standing for quality in respect to tone and construction.



Manufacture of this excellent line of upright and grand pianos began in New York City in 1881. The Franklin is an instrument that fulfills the exacting requirements of those music lovers who appreciate and demand a piano constructed in accordance with the highest ideals of musical craftsmanship and fittingly housed in a case whose design and finish are the acme of elegance. It is made by the Franklin Piano Co. That the Ampico is now offered the musical public in the favorite Franklin is sufficient recommendation of the quality of the Franklin instrument. A new line of designs has been recently placed on the market, and has been accorded the highest approval.



Since 1875 the name Jesse French have stood for everything high grade in the music line. Many thousands of pianos' bearing the name Jesse French have been marketed in past years, but now these instruments bear the name of Jesse French & Sons. They are manufactured by the Jesse French & Sons Piano Co., New Castle. Ind. See this name for further particulars.


This artistic piano is the finest product of the great factory of the Jesse French & Sons Piano Co. at New Castle. Ind. It is a strictly high grade artistic instrument, notable not only for its fine musical qualities but also for its remarkably beautiful case designs. These instruments have attained to a place of distinction in the world of music. Many great pianists and teachers having expressed for them their preference. A number of leading music schools also have signified their approval of the Jesse French & Sons' pianos by having them installed in their institutions. The Jesse French & Sons' grand pianos appeal equally to the artistic musicians and the owners of fine homes. One of the recent additions to the list is a parlor grand, which affords a fine example of great tone in small case, and it has won especial favor. This grand is also supplied with reproducing player actions. The uprights may be had with electric expression actions both with and without foot pedals. The name of French is one so Long associated with pianos and music that it has literally become a household word. Within the last year much skill and expense have been invested in new scales, improved methods of construction and new designs. There has also been introduced a novel feature, known as the Dulcet Tone, which opens a wide field of possibilities In tone coloring and shading. The Dulcet Tone brings into operation an especially arranged set of dampers and mutes in such manner as to give sweet one string effects of peculiarly sympathetic quality. Mr. Jesse French, the president of the company, started in the music business in 1872, branching out into the piano business in 1875, and has been continuously connected with the industry ever since. Mr. French was the founder of one and intimately associated with others of the best, known and most successful factories and distributing companies in the United States. It has always been the aim of the company to make the Jesse French & Sons instruments the very best that they could produce, regardless of expense. The Jesse French & Sons' piano is an artistic production, the culmination of years of experience in the music trade. They are made in grands, uprights, foot-power and electric players and reproducing pianos in great varieties of size and styles, and in all of the fancy woods. Every part of the instrument, with the exception of the hardware, is produced in the mammoth factory in New Castle. Ind., erected especially for the purpose and equipped with the idea of securing the best possible results in every department in any way connected with the production of Jesse French & Sons pianos. For in them the question of quality is paramount and the desire to excel a very potent force, two expressive mottos being well known in this connection, viz.: "Quality First and First Quality" and "A Name well-known Since 1875."

In January 1955, the P. A. Starck Piano Co. of Chicago purchased the Jesse French & Sons trade position. In the modern Starck factory, master craftsmen utilize materials and equipment to produce Jesse French pianos of beauty and lasting musical quality for the intimacy of the American home; the exactitude of the studio and the hard usage of the school. The Jesse French models are exclusive designs based on present day trends in home furnishings. Jesse French pianos are scientifically balanced in every detail, and are nationally known as instruments of the highest quality. Many satisfied purchasers recommend Jesse French pianos to their friends. It is not unusual for the second and third generations of families topurchase a Jesse French piano. Each Jesse French piano is equipped with the new Ori-Coustic High Tension Scale. This scale has been acclaimed by experts as one of the finest piano scales available, regardless of price.

1960 - 158800 1962 - 169000 1964 - 183000 1966 - 207000
1961 - 163000 1963 - 176000 1965 - 195000 1967 - 219000



In every way the Fuehr & Stemmer instruments may be recommended with perfect confidence. The Fuehr & Stemmer factory, at 1932 Wentworth avenue. Chicago, is equipped for the manufacture of high grade pianos and conducted under the personal supervision of piano experts in every department of construction. It may be safely said that the Fuehr & Stemmer grand piano is in every way worthy of the reputation of the manufacturers and the fame of their instruments. It is powerful in total without the strident characteristics which prove a blemish to some instruments. In every way this grand may be commended, and the name of Fuehr & Stemmer on an instrument is an assurance of merit and responsibility.